We Want You Here: 7 Signs You Belong at Wheelock College

Wheelock College students on campusYou’re narrowing down your choice of colleges and juggling all the things that come along with making a major transition. Soon, your life will be radically different as a first-year student in college. But first you have a very important decision to make: selecting a school to attend.

It’s a big decision that you should be sure about — and excited about, too!

But how will you know which school is the best choice for you?

Lucky for you, we enlisted Bryan McGrath, a friendly face of Wheelock College and Director of Student Life, to weigh in on exactly what it means to be a Wheelock Wildcat. Keep reading to learn more about what Wheelock and its students are all about, and if you’re meant to proudly don blue and gold for the next four years!

7 signs you belong at Wheelock College

1. Social justice runs through your veins

Wheelock students walk the halls with passion in their blood. They are in tune with what’s happening in the world, whether in the Boston area or globally. They keep a close ear to injustices happening near and far, to current events and to policies working against marginalized populations.

“Among our students, there is a sincere commitment to helping others, especially families and children, either actively or behind the scenes,” McGrath explains. “Wheelock students want to be better citizens when they graduate. Social justice underscores everything we do.”

Wheelock College volunteer with child

2. You truly want to get the most out of your education

Some students are just looking to go through the motions — show up to class, turn in the assignments and get by with a passing grade. But then, there are those students who are hungry to soak up all the opportunities available to them. If you can identify with the latter, Wheelock is the right place for you.

“Great students at Wheelock are the ones who take advantage of anything that the college has to offer,” McGrath says. “They’re taking their classes, doing community service, they’re involved with campus clubs and complementing their academics with co-curricular activities.”

“When they get a pulse of everything Wheelock has to offer, they become better students,” McGrath adds. Research shows that when students participate in involvement opportunities, they become more academically successful. McGrath sees evidence of this at Wheelock.

3. Different perspectives don’t intimidate you — they excite you

Maybe you grew up in a rural area, or perhaps you’ve lived in like-minded communities your whole life. One of the most exciting aspects of going to college is the opportunity to immerse yourself in a diverse group of people. For some this is daunting, but you couldn’t be more eager.

Students from all across the country, all with unique backgrounds and experiences, come together at Wheelock College. This hodgepodge of a student body unifies under the Wheelock mission.

“Wheelock is good about providing different perspectives for its students,” McGrath says. “Everyone is an ambassador, and students are good at helping each other, sticking up for each other, and putting themselves in each other’s shoes.”

Students come from different places, but they all join together on the path to graduation. From there, that unified spirit lives on as they disperse into the world to make it a better place.

“Everybody comes from different backgrounds,” McGrath explains. “People with unique perspectives come together from different walks of life to join the cause and the mission of Wheelock College.”

4. People have helped you and now you want to pay it forward

“People want to go to Wheelock because they want to do good things when they graduate,” McGrath shares.

He says some students have gone through difficulties prior to enrolling, such as family trauma, and want to go on to use their unique background to help others like they were once helped. Wheelock can provide you with the knowledge, skills and resources to help you leverage your experience to benefit others in similar situations.

5. You’re a leader in the making

You may have participated in activities through sports, religion or the arts while growing up, but now you’re ready to take it to the next level. Even if you’ve played more behind-the-scenes roles in your extracurricular activities, you know you’re ready to step it up and hone your leadership abilities. You know you were born to lead, and you hope to develop your skills in college.

Wheelock College has plenty of campus clubs and organizations which provide several opportunities for students to step into leadership positions.

Three Wheelock College students holding onto each other, showing their Wheeolck "Inspire a World of Good" on the backs of their shirts

“When you get involved on campus though clubs and organizations, you can get the torch passed down to you when seniors graduate,” McGrath explains. “Students who are involved can hold chairs on executive boards and rise up to fill leadership roles.” He goes on to mention other leadership-building experiences available for students, like leading first-year student orientation or becoming a Resident Assistant (RA) in a residence hall.

6. You want a relationship with professors and administration

Some students go through school sitting in a 500-seat lecture hall. Others are seeking meaningful discussions in smaller classroom settings. There are schools to suit both preferences, but Wheelock caters to the latter. It’s a fit for students who enjoy building connections and having people know their name. At Wheelock, you’ll be a big fish in a small pond.

“The small and intimate class sizes allow students to develop connections with staff and faculty,” McGrath says. “It’s definitely not hierarchical here.”

You’re looking for a college where you’re not a number — where people know you on a more personal level. You want to learn from faculty who will engage you, faculty who will help you develop your professional career. Wheelock can provide you with both in a warm, welcoming community.

“Students here feel free to approach faculty members, most of whom go by their first name,” McGrath explains. “Presidents, Deans, everyone here is very accessible, and the students here really appreciate that access. Students are accommodated and get their answers easily.”

7. You’re ready to change the world

It’s the heart and soul of Wheelock: to promote quality of life for children and families, advocate for equality and, through it all, never lose sight of integrity, respect, multiculturalism, diversity, and social justice. The Wheelock College mission drives everything we do.

Your desire to make the world better is what drives you, too.

“Since joining the Wheelock family, I’ve been really impressed by everyone living out our mission statement. Everyone abides by it,” McGrath shares. “There’s a Wheelock way and you come here because you believe in it.”

Live out your passion at Wheelock College

Wheelock College graduateSelecting a school to attend is no easy decision. There are many factors to weigh, but at the end of the day, only you can decide which institution is best for you. You’ll need to ask yourself what you want to do with the upcoming years in your life — and who you want to become in the process.

Are you set to become the best version of yourself? To take advantage of what life has to offer? To find common ground and seek solutions? To pursue a meaningful and impactful life?

Wheelock College has a lot to offer — and so do you. Could this be the perfect pairing? Could Wheelock be your catalyst to inspire a world of good? If any of these signs hit home for you, let that be your answer. You belong at Wheelock College!

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